How Shay Benhamou sheds light on Corona Virus effects on Tech Companies?

There are lots of issues and losses faced by the several numbers of HAVOC companies all over the world, due to the global covid-19 pandemic situations. The effects of corona virus have been felt by almost all industries. All such sectors have been facing a lot of negative impacts including the technology that the raw material supply affected, the value of the electronics chain disrupted, and also the products were exposed to the risks of inflationary.

According to the Shay Benhamou, he tells some important statement and tips to the acceleration of remote working, evaluating the end to end value chain, and also increased focus on the de-risking. He has shed some light on the few of the long term effects of covid-19 on the various types of tech companies and they are also mentioned below.

Shay Benhamou helps tech companies:

Benhamou helps software and hardware companies to recover from the effects of covid-19 pandemic situation.

  • Due to the supply chain constraints, the manufacturers of the smart phones have included dealing with the huge problems and also they have postponed the launch of the new mobile products.
  • The sales of such tech companies have also been affected due to the lower confidence of the consumer as the smart phone users on contacts are not replacing such devices.
  • Shay Benhamou states that the technology companies are currently facing the challenges when considering the production process running completely.
  • It may have the most significant impacts in the longer term.
  • Software products have become the growth medium for the technology companies because it has not been affected by the parts shortage or the disturbances in the supply chain.

Shay noted that the spending of the security software system has also gone up due to the growing remote workforce which means the endpoints should be secured.