Rent your car to professional drivers to earn safe income

Car rental service is not only beneficial for the travellers, but it is also hugely beneficial for the automobile owners and business professionals. Those who are all willing to involve in the auto business but you don’t have prior experience in it can rent your car to the professional drivers. When you have a car without any regular usage, you can also give it to the rental service to get an additional income.

Hire Car Today provides the highly intuitive platform for making a connection with Gig workers. It will also give the best turn-key solution to everyone for getting the progressive auto businesses to thrive and also survive the revolution of the mobility. This service offers you four important benefits such as,

Dedicated support & marketing teams

A reservation system and marketplace

Commercial insurance coverage

Secure payment processing

Features of Hire Car Today:

HireCarToday provides the best features to those who want to give their car for the rental service. They include,


The car owners can get huge profits from the delivery services, rideshare, and also gig economy.


You can rent your cars to the professional and experienced drivers monthly, weekly, or daily with your assets coverage by customer support and insurance.


The car owners can get more numbers of Lyft and Uber drivers for your used cars in order to take part of your rental services.


Once you have decided to list your used or new car on this Hire Car Today car rental service platform, they will connect you with the professional Lyft or Uber drivers who are interested in renting autos from your business.


Compensate used car depreciation by earning income through this rental service or parcel delivery service on the miles. By this way, you can reduce losses because of the aged inventory.